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[Lili Williams continued from My Human Gets Me Blues.]

How long had they been carrying her for? It felt like it had been hours, but it couldn't have been many minutes since they left the group therapy room. Darius seemed to keep up with his side pretty well, for what it was worth, although getting through the front door had been difficult. At one point, Lili had taken Jasmine's arm and draped it around her shoulders for support. She'd never get used to her bony fingers occasionally bumping into her body.

As they approached the bridge over to the radio tower, Lili saw someone sitting down by themselves, eating, not looking like they wanted to be disturbed.

She wasn't about to tell Darius to turn around and take the long way across the southern half of the island, and she wasn't about to begin to entertain the thought of carrying a dead body in broad daylight for all that distance. Add on the pain of walking around in Jennifer's shoes, which were already starting to cramp up on her feet, and it would be one hell of a hike. The same broad daylight that would betray them in a longer journey allowed the person on the bridge to seem them, plainly, carrying Jasmine's corpse.

Was she well adjusted, or just horribly repressed? In her mind, she felt like she was coping well, but when it came down to it, she was still carrying a corpse around with a guy she had barely known for an hour.

Her glasses still in her pocket, Lili was in no shape to make out exactly who it was standing in their way. Was calling out to them even the right thing to do, in such circumstances? What would she even say? It was quite possible that they'd come running at them with some kind of sword, or aim a gun at them, but it was also a possibility that Darius knew them, or that they'd help out in some other way.

I hope I don't regret this.


Well, even if I do, it won't be for very long, right?

Lili waved at the person with her free hand. She hoped they didn't have the same vision problems that she did.

"Hi!" yelled Lili with a smile, "You're not going to jump up and start shooting at us, are you?"
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