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((Jordan Green continued from We're In This Together))

Perhaps it had been a stroke of luck that they had left when they did. The place had been declared a danger zone when the announcement arrived, and by then, they had already been long gone from the garage where they had stayed the night.

Jordan had found his panic had subsided as they had walked on towards the asylum, becoming that slow fall into resignation where you realise panicking helped nothing and you had to do something about it and yet there was nothing to you could do about it because it everything was out of your hands.

The names today jabbed at him, like bits of his life were being torn away by every successive sentence that came from the PA. It felt a little unfair to those that had died that first day that he felt this way today, when he hadn't yesterday. But Sandy was dead. Jasmine was dead. Even the pain in the ass that was Bradley was dead. People he really knew and interacted with in school.

But that last name on the announcement was the worst surprise of all.

He had been with them just a few hours ago. And now his name was being read out across the island as a killer. He'd left them just so he could kill someone? Was that it?

He didn't know where they were going now. He was never good at this, thinking about what he wanted to do.

They had looked around the asylum for a bit, looking for a place to hide, or something. They'd never really made it clear what they were planning on doing. So they had somehow wandered down here, into the basement, which was cold and smelled like wet laundry left in the washing machine for far too long. There were only a few rooms down here but they looked big enough to hide something useful. The mess made it seem more likely that something had been forgotten, missed by the terrorists, more likely than at the radio tower where they had obviously checked everything a dozen times before bringing them here.

God, what he would give to find something here.

"Um... You doing okay?" he asked Hazel as they explored the basement. "If there's anything you need- "

Whatever chance of conversation he had managed to scrounge up was struck away, as he pulled on a door, the jangle of what sounded like a thousand cans resounding and echoing in the narrow corridor of the basement.
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