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((Natalie Winters continued from In A World of Shit))

Natalie was alone again.

She was eating by herself on that bridge. Finishing up one of her rations. She didn't want to finish all of them though. At some point she has to find real food.

They have to have real food, right?

She didn't want to venture in further, but she didn't want to stay either. Venturing further meant possibly dealing with the fact that there may be killers on the island. At leas with the bridge, she can see someone coming from a mile away.

Speaking of...

...She saw two people approaching.

They were carrying someone. Were they hurt? Unconscious? Natalie couldn't tell at this distance.

As the two approached closer, Natalie looked closer at what they're carrying.

Dangling feet, limp body.

It can't be...

...Can it?
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