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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"I wouldn't hurt you."

Jasmine cocked her head. Was she referring to her? Wait, no, but she was talking to Kay, wasn't she?

Jasmine said, "Look Nancy. You don't have to get defensive. It's just me and Kay. And you won't hurt'cha. And I keep Kay on a short leash, so...!"

Kay was right about the anxiety; Jasmine could feel it. She felt oddly calm, and that oddness was not lost on her. Jasmine could not recall ever seeing a gun with her own two eyes, apart from seeing it on tv or the internet or whatever. She knew Nancy would not hurt her though. But Kay? She wasn't sure about that. Considering the announcement and the gun and the blood, Jasmine was not sure where Nancy's head was. But she knew Nancy would not hurt her. That was important.

Jasmine looked at Nancy. Then she looked up at Kay, smiled.

"She's not good enough, Jazz. I dunno what you see in her."

"Who are you with?" Jasmine asked in a low voice, giving Caedyn's sleeve a cyoot little tug. As much as Jasmine trusted Nancy, she understood that there was a bit of a bluff going on.

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