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Sabrina was dead.

((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued from This World Belongs To The Mad.))

Lily climbed slowly down the rocks leading to the shoreline, trying to recall where she’d buried her belongings. She’d stopped to change the bandages on her hand, and to write down what she’d gotten from the announcements. And now those announcements were echoing through her mind, as she clutched the notepad in her good hand.

There were other deaths that rang one bell or another. Particularly Mitch, who apparently didn’t last much longer after she saw him on the bridge. It almost made her wish she’d stuck near him, if only so she could have taken his gun. Cold thought. Repulsive. But true.

Killers stood out, of course they did. She’d been friendly with Oskar. His family ran one of her favourite bookstores. He wasn’t the sort of person she’d expected this from, but expectations didn’t count for much in this game. And repeat murderers. Isabel, again. Not a surprise, not with the look she’d had on her face...

But Sabrina. Sabrina had given her enough pause that she’d almost forgotten to write down the next few names. Sabrina and Nancy.

At least this time Lily couldn’t blame herself for it. She hadn’t seen a glimpse of Nancy, hadn’t hid like a coward. Was that why it didn’t quite sting as much? Or maybe she was getting used to it. Or maybe it was simply because she hadn’t been close to Sabrina like she had to Tina.

She tried not to think about it. About any of it. But all she could think about was Sabrina. Sabrina and Tina. Would she wake up the next morning to find that Lizzie or Emma had been killed? Or would Lily be the next Luz on the announcements? And was it better if Emma or Lizzie turned up on the announcements, so that Lily wouldn't have to face them after Tina? She wasn't sure if she could do that.

Where had she put those supplies? Why couldn’t she remember? Why did her mind have to obsess over the announcements when that’s what she should be thinking about right now?

As Lily walked along the shoreline, looking for the marker she’d left, she saw figures in the distance. She paused, squinting and trying to decide whether she should approach. Her legs continued to move, and eventually the people started to come into focus.

No-one she was friendly with, but she knew all three of them by sight. It was hard not to recognise Noah or Rene, even if they weren’t in her year. They had very loud personalities, and they tended to draw attention. And Blair… she had something to do with Caedyn, although Lily couldn’t recall whether it had been positive or negative. None of them had been on the announcements and they seemed to be talking together.

Lily had to get information from somewhere. Had to know if Isabel or Nancy had been by here. Even if she still had to decide what that meant. Because whenever she thought of them, she thought of Tina and Sabrina. If they were gone, she could stop thinking about that. Particularly in Isabel’s case, she could… she could stop remembering how Tina had looked, lying on the ground like that. Stop thinking about what ifs.

She raised her hands, notepad still in her good hand and the bandaged hand empty, trying to show that she wasn’t holding a weapon. The mirror shard was in her bag.

As if she could be a threat. Just a speck of dirt, wasn’t she? A speck of dirt was beyond notice. Meant they had no reason to hurt her. No-one would, unless—until—she killed someone. And if she asked about Nancy, about Isabel, no-one who knew what they’d done would say she was in the wrong.
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