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Through the haze of pain Cameron saw Vinny beside her. She tried to say something, maybe something comforting, she wasn't sure because no words came out. She felt bad that Vinny would have to see her die. She didn't want to be a burden like that. She was glad she'd at least found them though, she was lucky that she managed to find at least one of her friends. She hadn't managed that with Vanessa or Coleen.

That was her biggest regret. She hadn't found either of them. It was the one thing she had wanted to do and she'd failed at doing it. All she had wanted was to tell both of them how much they had helped her out when she needed it, even if they didn't realise. She felt so selfish and stupid about what she had done and how it had fucked up their relationship. Now she would never get the chance to try and fix that.

She coughed as something rose in her throat. Speaking was beyond her now, nothing she could do about it, her body was slowly shutting down. She was dimly aware of her parents back home and what they would do, then again they were busy sorting out a divorce. Cameron had never been close to them ever since the first issues back when she was fourteen, hell she spent more time in her basement alone than with either of them. Most of her time was spent with the band or Vanessa. Truth, was she was more worried about how Vanessa's mom Caitlin would handle everything.

Shit, Vanessa. She would be heartbroken. Cameron wished her throat wasn't full of bile so she could have asked Vinny to pass on a message to Vans...and Coleen, B.B., Brady. Fuck, she had let them all down, dying so quickly.

Slowly though her vision was fading, Vinny's face swimming in and out of focus. A numbness spreading through her body. Cameron didn't want to die but she couldn't find anything to help her fight it off. There was nothing left for her.

Then she heard the scream from her best friend.

Maybe if Vanessa had arrived a few seconds earlier things might have gone differently, but Cameron managed to at least see her face once more and as stupid as it was she didn't want Vanessa's last memory of her to be her lying on the ground bleeding to death.

Slowly and with great effort she managed to raise her right hand, palm and tattoo facing outward over her eye, a goofy grin on her face as tears ran down her cheeks. She forced herself to choke down the bile, managing to get enough air in her body for at least a word.


Then her hand fell to the floor and she drifted away. An ocean of regrets left behind.

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