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Brendan knew that Jonathan would think that he was lying. Maybe because he didn't want to believe that Michael would do something like that. Brendan wished that he had never witnessed what happened back at the asylum. Now Jonathan would possibly-

Huh? Behind him? Did someone sneak up on him? He should have been more on guard. He was feeling foolish for not checking around for other people more. Was this person going to hurt him or Jonathan? Did he have a weapon?

Before Brendan could even turn around fully to see who the mysterious person was. Jonathan moved between him and the other person. But why? He didn't understand. Was Jonathan trying to protect him? He was feeling a bit lost. But he also felt.... something else. He wasn't sure what it was.

He was also sure that the person saying his name sounded so familiar as well. He turned to see the arrival's face. His breathing got a bit funny. Alba.... She really was okay. He was just glad to see that she was alive. Even if she did have a weapon that he found terrifying. He didn't think that she would shoot at Jonathan. But he needed to speak to her.

"Alba.... You're not hurt, are you? We don't want any trouble...."
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