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And there it is again. Alone once more.

Natalie took a deep sigh.

It's only been a while in this island and people are already acting like everything's lost. Why can't they just get their heads together.

Natalie had a mix of emotions as she rested against the railing.

People were dying, based on what that boy had said. That thought alone scared her. The announcements also confirmed that so many had died. Yet, she still didn't want to believe the fact that her classmates, her schoolmates, would be the ones killing them.

She won't believe it unless she sees it with her own eyes.

And if she did... well...

She didn't know what to do.

Her stomach was growling. There were rations in the bag. Maybe it's time to just take a small break and a snack.

((Natalie Winters continued elsewhere))
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