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((Vanessa Stone continued from Sunset Boulevard))

Vanessa had a cloud hanging over her. Jae's name coming up on the announcement as a killer had ruined her morning, and more unproductive searching wasn't making her feel any better. She was getting tired of wandering down yet another fuckin' Camless corridor.

As she rounded her way into the staff area, she heard the footsteps of Alessio bolting down the opposite end, out of sight. She didn’t catch a glimpse of him, not that she wanted to see him again so soon anyway, but the open door to the storage closet did catch her eye. Pained moans were emanating from within, and she couldn’t just ignore that. Then she heard Vinny yelling her best friend’s name, and she definitely couldn’t ignore that.

“Yo, Cams?!” she called ahead, pushing her way into the dark room. “It’s Vans! I’m coming!”

She wanted to be excited, and her face had lit up when she first heard the name, but that hadn’t lasted. Vinny’s yell had been packed with fear, and it was spilling over into Vanessa. She moved around the shelves as fast she could, searching for her BFF.

Nothing could’ve prepared her for what she saw. She couldn’t stop herself: she screamed.

“Oh Christ, Cams!”
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