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Jonathan watched as Brendan looked like he was just about to break down. He regretted his decision to question him, it was clear Brendan didn't plan on or want to do what he did. But even preparing himself for how Brendan reacting to his question didn't prepare him for what he told him.

"Y-you're lying."

Jonathan put his hand over his mouth as he heard Brendan tell his story. Jeremiah and... No way, no. Jeremiah and Michael were taunting a girl, t-that they were going to kill her?! No, no no no no... Something's wrong here...

"You're lying to me, y- he couldn't have..."

Michael wouldn't be one of them. He wouldn't murder someone like that, o-or draw it out, laughing like some sort of hyena...

Jonathan didn't know what to do, he didn't know who to believe. He needed to find Michael, to talk to him, but...


Jonathan was walking home from work before he ran into Michael. They had a rather average conversation before Jon asked how Darius was doing. Apparently Michael had found a problem with Brendan not waving at Darius, or something petty like that, so he had threatened him until he did it right.

Man, you shoulda' seen the look on his face! Fucker learned some manners after that, an' I didn't even touch him. Fuck man! He waddled home like he shit his pants!"

Jonathan just shook his head at it, he always put stories like that in the back of his mind. He knew Michael just did it to impress him or one of his other friends. He never really meant it. He looked back at Michael to see a woman with an assault rifle standing a few feet away from them.


Jonathan snapped out of his day dream just long enough to realize the woman with the gun was real.

"Brendan! Behind you!"

Jonathan pushed himself between Brendan and the newcomer with the gun. He didn't have time to question Brendan any further, right now the only thing he could do was try and make whoever was pointing the gun at them stop.

"Don't, j-just ,wait a minute..."

He raised his hands to show he wasn't a threat.

"Let's talk, okay?"
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