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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba continued to walk along the side of the dorms, keeping the rifle close to her side. She'd probably be able to figure out how close to the gym she was once she knew what building she was by. Bryony and the others had survived the night, so maybe they had fortified the gym. She'd have to figure out a way in if that was the case, but she was sure they'd have a way to know she was there.

As she neared the front of the building, she could hear some chatter. She couldn't make it out entirely, but she could hear what sounded like a guy talking. Alba slowly stepped forward, finally reaching the corner. She heard "kill me" as the first audible thing she could hear. That's when her eyes widened.

She was staring at Brendan. He was talking to another guy. She felt her stomach get heavy. There he was, one of the notable killers on the island. Notable enough to get a prize for his murder of that guy from yesterday. He looked miserable, but Alba wasn't sure what to do.

With nothing else in mind, she raised the rifle up and stepped out from the corner of the building.

"Brendan..." was all she could muster.

The gun was raised, slightly off from where Brendan was standing, but still vaguely in his direction. She tried to smile, but it looked quite awkward on her face. This was her friend, and she owed him the benefit of doubt. But if someone as generally harmless as Kimiko could kill without issue, why couldn't Brendan?

She bit her lip and prayed he had a good reason.
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