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((Bart Cappotelli continued from So, so tired...))

He'd made it. Once again, he somehow outran his collar. Having to start the first two mornings since the game started by running to avoid losing his head was something that he sincerely hoped would not become a trend. However, the fact that he was barely holding onto life despite not even having encountered an antagonistic figure yet came off as a bad omen.

Fortunately, the trio's trek for shelter did not take anywhere near as long as it had the previous day. Bart didn't know what was different this time around. Perhaps they somehow had more stamina, or perhaps they were a little more used to the terrain. Whatever the case was, they didn't have to take as many breaks this time around. Before the sun reached the peak of the sky, they had already made it back to the storehouse that they had initially intended to visit after leaving the asylum.

However, just because they had saved an incredible amount of time, that didn't mean that Bart wasn't ready to rest upon reaching their destination. He wiped his forehead as sweat continued to roll down, threatening to obstruct his field of vision. He couldn't help but see the irony in how they had spent the last day moving from one storehouse to another, and now they were moving back. It was an unusual turn of events, to be sure. He didn't particularly care too much about coincidence, however. At the moment all he wanted to do was get inside the storehouse so that he could have some shade.

At the moment, the only thing that could ruin that plan is if someone else had gone to the storehouse ahead of them. At the very moment Bart was thinking about that, he turned a corner in search of an entrance to the storehouse and was greeted by the sight of a girl about as tall as he was sitting in the bed of a truck. He had crossed directly into her line of sight, and now he felt obligated to say something. this was bad. Bart had never been much of a talker, and the island hadn't helped him with that at all.

"Um..." Bart's eyes became unfocused for a moment, looking at the ground, the trees, and the storehouse before returning to the girl in the truck. That combined with his shaky, uncertain voice gave away his timidity. "... Hi?"
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