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Brendan almost flinched when Jonathan came towards him. He shouldn't have been surprised by Jonathan's reaction. But he had been. He thought that Jonathan would be hit him. Or yell at him. But he didn't. He just wanted to know why. And Brendan wanted to tell him what happened. It was going to be hard to get the words out. Would Jonathan even believe him? That he wasn't sure a cold-hearted person? That he thought he was doing the right thing at that time? He was never going to get Jeremiah out of his head. So much blood....

He felt like a complete monster.


He was stuttering. It frustrated him to be like that. He needed to be clear with his words. He couldn't be a babbling mess while speaking. He wanted to be brave. He didn't know if Jonathan would trust him anymore. He was afraid that Jonathan would walk away. But he still wanted to tell him the truth. There was no point in lying to him. He wasn't going to achieve anything with being a liar.

"I found Jeremiah and Michael in the asylum..... Michael was taunting a girl and they were planning on killing her. I couldn't see who the girl was. But I just took action. I-I wanted to save her. I didn't even know if she was an innocent person or a killer.... I stabbed Jeremiah from behind.... I.... The blood..... I shouldn't have....." His voice was trembling as he thought about what he did and his hands around the weapon was shaking. "I regret doing it..... How could I do something so disgusting like that? I should have stayed with you and Darius, Jonathan. I can't get over it.... I can't get him out of my head....There was so much blood.... I just feel so much guilt that I...."

He had to blink back the tears that he felt that were coming. He didn't want to look like a crybaby in front of Jonathan.

".....I should have let Michael kill me...."
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