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It was a pretty gross feeling. Was there not a cleaner way to...kill? Pickaxes were used to destroy stone. Using it on human was cruel, even if he would destroy Stone with that hit.

So bloody. So painful to watch. Cameron won't survive that. Al knew that from biology class. He hit painful areas. Vital areas. Everybody in Cochise had a dream. Al wanted to become a vetenerian...and he kills. Cam and Van wanted to become superstars...and he destroyed their dreams. Al was not someone Al liked.

He oddly felt stronger now, though. Feeling that he was capable to hurt, kill. To be a person that is able to remove other people from this island. To let the game progress faster, let the end of the game come quicker.

But he felt regret.

No. Vanessa should feel regret. Van feels the regret.

Cameron was a nice person. But so was Abby. She seemed very nice back in Kingman, very charismatic, in the music store. That's why Van chose her over him.

It's her fault. He's guilty, too, but it's her fault. Why is he crying again? This was not a good moment to cry. He wanted to hide his tears from Cam or Enzo.

There was nothing he could do now, here. Cam was looking at him, shocked. This did not make him feel more comfortable. He stepped on her to pull out the pickaxe. Then, he went out of the Storage Closet. Without a word.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Devil's Choir))
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