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Jonathan stared upward, trying to think of something to get help. People had to come here...

But they didn't know. They didn't know where they were! How could he have forgotten that one part! They had to know where they were at before they could find them! He had a realization, he could make a plan, he-

could get interrupted... The voice was familiar, and Jonathan thought it was Darius at first, but once he turned his head.

There he was. He was familiar all right. But he wasn't Darius, wasn't Michael, no...

Brendan Harte, the killer was looking right at him. He killed Jeremiah, and from the sounds of the announcement, it wasn't in self defense. The fact he had a spear in his hand made it all the more apparent.

Jonathan got up immediately, and stormed towards Brendan.

He was about to verbally lay into him when he realized something else.

Brendan had found Jonathan at his worst. He gave him his jacket, he watched him while he slept. He could've killed him. This was before Brendan even knew if they were gonna plan an escape with Darius, shit, Jon just realized he still kept Brendan out of the loop! He didn't know a thing going on!

He could have killed him, but he didn't... Why'd he leave. He said he wanted to find his friends, but was it really true? Brendan might have kept him out of the loop on something... Maybe Brendan wanted some insurance in the rare chance he outlives this game, if their escape plan failed.

Was that all Jeremiah's life amounted to? Life Insurance?

"Brendan... Why?"

There was nothing else he could say, he had to know the why's before he questioned Brendan's morality. It's not common for someone to watch over someone, then kill another person later on. He had to know why.

"W-why, why'd you do it?"

Jonathan couldn't be angry at this point, he was only disappointed now.
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