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Penelope slowly took her arms off of Astrid and moved back slightly, her crying having stopped, if only temporarily.

Penelope looked between Astrid's good eye and the illuminated ground beneath the both of them. "You... what do you mean by that?"

Penelope swallowed as her throat tightened. She knew what Astrid meant by that. There was nothing else that could be meant by it. If Astrid wanted to survive, truly survive, then she would have to kill someone else. Before giving Astrid time to respond, she spoke up again. "You... I... I didn't mean... Astrid..."

"I... I know I said don't die but... you can't just..." Penelope's words stuttered out slowly as she tried to process what she should say. "You can't... can't just... just kill someone. If you... if you survived... that would mean... you... you killed someone. You... you can't leave unless... unless..." Her words stopped entirely as she uncomfortably looked between Astrid and the objects around them.

"You..." The tears started back up as it truly dawned on Penelope that her friend had just asserted that she was going to kill someone. Penelope's eyes stayed locked on the ground as her hands pressed into her legs. "No... no... you can't... you can't kill anyone..."

Penelope's head tilted itself back up towards Astrid. "Don't you get it?" She muttered in between sobs. "Almost everyone that died already died because someone else thought the same thing as you," Penelope shook her head as her sobbing grew louder. "That they needed to survive over everyone else. And in order to survive... in order to survive they had to kill someone." Her eyelids drooped as her voice grew even quieter. "But... there's no justifying it. Your life doesn't matter more than anyone else's. They deserve to live just as much as you do... And you'd take their life away... just to preserve your own? Even when they aren't threatening you in any way?"

Penelope's voice grew louder, managing a slight bit of anger, more than she ever normally expressed. "What do you think Cristo thought in his last moments?" She said, her sobs growing more intense for a moment. "He probably died in pain, possibly alone... Definitely afraid. All because some... some girl thought she needed to kill him. Sweet, lovable Cristo needed to die so she could survive." Penelope covered her face with her hands for a moment, before bringing her fingers down to just below her eyes, hands resting on her cheeks.

"...Do you really want to do that to someone?"
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