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Cameron saw and heard the attack too late. The pickaxe flew out of the darkness like a ghost had taken control of it and embedded itself in her stomach. Belatedly she saw the hands and arms that belonged to the person that had swung it.

Al...what the fuck?

At first there wasn't any pain. Just a dull throb.

Cameron looked at Al in surprise. Then the pain arrived and she slumped over whimpering, hands feebly pawing at the pickaxe.

She had heard once that being stabbed in the stomach was one of the most painful ways to die, since there were a lot of nerves and you would slowly bleed out. It was living up to that because an intense burning was spreading from where the pickaxe was stuck in her. She could also feel blood starting to run onto her hands.

This was what dying felt like. Weird. She had always wondered. She was crying now. She'd had dark thoughts before but she had never wanted to die.

Her breath was ragged as her mind raced through all the things she wanted to do, too many things.

Most of all though she wanted to see Peyote Coyote one last time.

It didn't look like she was going to get that chance.
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