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"Amen to that."

Brady was special, but B.B was a friend too. Heck she'd introduced them both.

Vinny didn't wish that they were here, not in a million years, they just missed their company, which wasn't really the same thing. Maybe if they could speak on the phone or... or something?

"Eh, neither. Let you know if it changes."

It didn't usually change over the course of the day, but if Enzo knew anything about gender, it was that it didn't make any freaking sense to them. Dysphoria was fun like that - like some kind of jackass ninja of sadness.

They still didn't open their eyes.

"Wish I knew, Sardine. There's gotta be something we can figure out. There are, you know... people, and..."

They trailed off and shook their head.

"Yeah. I'm not so good at this am I? Thinking beyond six seconds."
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