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Aiden impulsively raised his hand, holding it up in front of Mel's face. Damn, had kinda forgotten how close to her he was, almost hit her square in the face there. He retracted his hand a bit, shaking his head.

"No, like - thanks, really, appreciate it and stuff, but you just keep it, alright? Don't wanna have you freezin' your ass off because of me. Not that big of a deal anyway."

Yeah, no way he was gonna go and wear her jacket. Woulda just felt all wrong too, like he was defiling it, some shit like that. Thing was hers, so it was gonna stay on her, fuckin' simple. Maybe not the smart move, prolly even a pretty fuckin' dumb one, but 'least he had experience with those. Could stay consistent if nothing else.

He gave Mel a nod, tryin' to look all reassuring, then turned to Rena again. "Seriously, it's okay. You guys don't need to try and change my mind or something, won't work. You can bet a monkey's dick on that."

Aiden grabbed his forehead, rubbing both his temples. "No idea where that one came from, sorry. Not the time to be jerkin' around, I know." He sighed. Shit sucked. Fuckin' everything was fucked up enough on its own already, but this goddamn headache just made it ten times worse; fuckin' shittiest of all shit-tiers.

"Can we three just like, move on? Go check out the tower or something? That's what we're all here for anyway, right? Or were before that dude showed up and went Speedy Gonzales on us.“
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