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There was yelling coming from outside of the room. Not quite enough to startle Maxim, but sufficient to make him wonder for a couple of seconds. That was Ben, right? Had to be him. Yes, yes, that was his voice, no doubt.

Even so, he was shouting, apparently looking for him, asking if he was there. Unless that was the guy's attempt at performing a wake-up call or some sort of bizarre morning ritual, there had to be a reason for it. Maybe Ben was simply worried? He had to have just heard the announcement as well, maybe that was it. Maybe he was panicking; again.

He heard a squeaking. A quick glance in the sound's direction and he knew it came from the handle of the door that was about to be opened. Not even a single concern for his privacy. Something had to be the matter, this was completely unlike Ben. Unless he had never truly known him and was starting to witness the true colors of his so-called friend. Well, he'd know soon enough.

Maxim considered answering, yelling out in order to confirm to Ben that he was indeed inside the room. But seeing as the other boy was about to enter anyway, he decided against it. No need to waste his breath.
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