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She felt the hands tighten around her throat and lashed out in panic, ramming her own hands into the wrists and arms, there was no give however. As Kimiko's vision came into focus she saw Caleb's tear covered face over hers.


She felt the pressure on her throat and the wetness as tears started to form in her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

Why was he doing it?

The pressure wasn't letting up and she tried to get him to stop, mouthing his name but he didn't let go.

She was crying openly now. She didn't understand why Caleb was doing what he was, but she didn't want to die. So she only had one choice.

Her right hand fumbled in her pocket until it got a hold of the tantō, she pulled it out and pushed the sheath off with her thumb, she felt a dull pain but ignored it.

She tried mouthing one more thing as she looked up at Caleb's tear streaked face through her own tear filled eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Then in one quick, jerky motion she ripped the tantō along his throat.
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