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"Well," Arthur said to the wind, "This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into."

Bradley's corpse lay propped up against the outer wall of the gym, out of sight from the door. When he left with Coleen, he didn't want to have to look at it ever again. He heard footsteps pattering off in the distance, away from the gymnasium, and guessed that it had been Bryony's turn to leave. If she felt that she could make it on her own, then fine. He didn't mind. There were worse things that could have happened to her than running away. What if Coleen had snapped, or something? Crazier things had happened.

Arthur was alone, with the body, and the air on his tongue, and he hated every second of it. Not just the air, poisoned with the smell of death, but how he had began to think about Bradley as some sort of temple, a sacred object. Even his thoughts, for the most part, stayed clean of any words of disrespect toward the dead.

"This is hell," Arthur murmured, "No two ways about it. This is the end of the line for everybody."

Had any plans he made gone through? Were any of the thoughts running around his mind going to manifest into reality? Arthur thought he would stay with Henry and Jasper, and he left them as soon as he saw someone else walking his way. He promised to himself that he'd make sure that nobody would get hurt while he was around, and he knew where that ended up getting him. Arthur's promise to go with the nameless girl to find Kimiko? Empty. Arthur's promise to make sure that Bryony stayed safe, as well as Coleen? Void. His promise he made to his mother, in heaven above, that Marie would never have to see him broken and defeated? Broken the moment it was made.

Arthur bit down on his tongue. Hard. If Bradley's body was sacred, he was about to commit a cardinal sin.

Without thinking, he stomped his foot into Bradley's chest, grabbed the spear with all the force he could muster, and pulled it out, listening to the sickening squelch it made as it slid from its place. A torrent of blood spilled out after it, making the body newly wet with red. Arthur stepped backward, reeling from the impact that taking the spear had made, and thus avoided getting any more blood on himself than he already had. He turned the spear around in his hands. The wood had splintered slightly around the tip, and the metal end was dripping with viscera, but it was a better weapon than the miserable excuse for a gun he had started with. Turning away from the wind, Arthur spun the spear around in his hands, drips of blood and loose splinters flung onto the ground before him.

He looked over the weapon once more, decided it was clean enough, and went back inside to find Coleen standing in the corner, softly weeping.

"Deed's done," He said, a touch of venom to his words. He tapped the ground with the base end of the spear and heard the sound resonate through the gym.

"So, do you want me to leave you be, or do you want to come with me? Because I'm not going to stay here for long, and I don't want you linger here too long either."
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