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The room seemed empty. Hollow. Vacant, for the two heartbeats somewhere vaguely within. Daniel wondered if it was missing something.

The scritch and scratch of a pencil right beside him, in a thousand words.

"Yeah, I guess you've got a point. I just dunno. I know she matters, but it's like..." Daniel vaguely realized Cris was the other one. The only other one Tina had ever really trusted, besides the obvious answer of parents.

Obvious answer. Not so obvious to Daniel when his parents were sketchpads and blunts. He wondered what it was like. For Cris, and Tina, when they were off and away and hanging around in that noble cluster of homes the town called the Luz compound. Family. What that sort of thing was like. And baseball, or something like that. Daniel had gone out and played a pick up game with them, maybe once a long time ago. When Maggie had invited him, and when he'd for once agreed. Back when breaths had come in, fresh, easy, deep into the solid gnarl of his chest.

"I wonder what she'd be doing, if she were still here. I guess. I dunno, guess that's weird to wonder." It seemed like that was something Daniel had to say. A meaningful qualification, with a meaning he didn't quite know. "Heck if he were here she'd probably have something to say about all of this herself. Like, all of two words." Daniel was able to smile, at that. At the memory. "Then back to the silence and the smoke, eh?" Daniel's punctuation mark was a brief drag of the rolled paper he'd forgotten was in his fingers. He breathed it all in. For the moment, forgot to breath it back out.
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