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Weapons. What a joke. Between the three of them, there wasn't half of something even approaching a weapon. If it gave the crazed gunman that his companions somehow knew any peace of mind, then sure. He'd drop his 'weapon'. He quietly hoped that his gun jammed if he decided to fire it, before thinking about a more proactive solution.

"Uh, alright.. I'm putting it down, now. Just, uh, keep cool, alright?"

Slowly, he started putting his selfie stick down. He fantasized about knocking Alvaro upside the head with it, but that's all it was - fantasizing. Even if he did hit him, this thing wasn't sturdy enough to do more than annoy him. Maybe he could get out, run away, something like that. It was dark. He might miss. He might hit someone else. He might not even fire at all, he didn't know.

A million different solutions ran through his head, none of them seeming to be worth it. So he stood his ground, hoping that someone braver than him would do something. Or maybe he was waiting to get shot in a dark basement and have thousands, if not millions of people see it - who knew?

That really was the funniest death he could imagine, really. The ultimate game show ending.
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