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He was hoping that he wouldn’t have to see anybody.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from And I Can’t See A Way Out This Time))

He hadn’t, since he had left the gardens. Since he had seen Jane. He wasn’t sure what to do, after that, so he walked. Explored where he was. He wasn’t able to go very far - his collar started beeping as he approached a place and he freaked out and ran - but he knew a little bit about where he was. There was an asylum, a church, and then the place where his collar started beeping. He could work with that. Maybe. Use it for his own purposes, or something. A hiding place. There was nobody he could trust, so he just had to be the best he could be. It had become nightfall, as he had found the asylum again, and he went inside. Found a room. There were corpses outside, but he could pretend they didn’t exist. He fell asleep fairly quickly, and the announcement had woken him up. He stood up, off of where he was, and that was when he saw the group.

And he hadn’t seen anyone else during that time.

And he was happy for that. He knew what he had to do, but he didn’t know whether he could.

But he knew he had to.

So that was why he said what he said. That was why he did what he did. They were scared. Of him. As much as he didn’t want them to think that, he knew that it was good for him.

But then they started talking back to him. That was when he realised who they were. Ben. Nate.


No. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pull-

But he had to. He knew he had to. There was no other choice. They knew and they didn’t like it and it was going to be like Min-Jae and it was going to be like Scout and he was going to be injured and he just had to do something before they tried to-

But they were his friends. He played soccer with Nate. He talked with Ben, at the cafe. With his sister. No, he-

And then he remembered. The announcements. Min-jae was up there. Oskar was up there. They had killed. He had killed.

“Drop your weapons.”
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