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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from This Be The Verse))

"Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap."

Alba muttered these words to herself as she began to look around the area. She had Bradley's gun slung around her shoulder, with her day pack on the other. She had the back of her right arm pressed to her forehead as she looked around. She failed. She completely failed in her plan, and now Bryony was going to be really upset with her. Along with that, Kimiko was still out there, and could still kill someone if she wasn't caught. Alba stomped her foot on the ground and continued walking.

Finding one person and trying to capture them alive was a lot easier than it looked. Alba wasn't a forest ranger or a mercenary, so tracking someone was out of her skill set. Maybe Kimiko was really fast, or maybe Alba really did waste too much time before going after her. Either way, the girl was gone like a ghost.

Alba had a vague idea of where she could go. The girl won a weapon for killing someone the first day, so surely Alba could head near that area and find her without having her collar blown. That would be the case, if she didn't get lost. Which she did. Often during the second day. The forest was a lot more difficult to navigate. She could, through dumb luck, find the coast, but that didn't help her get oriented to which way led to the supply depot and which way led back to the gym. As a result, her promise of being back in an hour was broken.

Alba spent the night sleeping outdoors, and got up when the announcements blared. Alba tried to listen carefully to hear if Bryony or the other two from the gym were okay, and to hear if Kimiko had killed again. For the most part, it wasn't as bad as Alba thought it could be. Bryony was alive, and Kimiko had only killed Bradley. It wasn't great to hear all these deaths, but she at least felt some relief.

That is, until the announcements told her Brendan had killed someone.

Alba was frozen in shock. Brendan Harte, the sweet guy she went to Sadie Hawkins with, was a killer. The guy she had such fun with after literally running into him in the park had blood on his hands. From the sound of the description, it wasn't self defense or a mercy kill. It was murder. The fact that he was being rewarded for it all the more confirmed it was murder.

Alba wanted to cry. She wanted to figure out why this had happened. Why would Brendan do such a horrible thing? She had these thoughts as she walked through the forest. Finally, she passed a clearing and found herself facing a building. She felt some joy, knowing it was likely she could find the gym soon and see if Bryony would forgive her for being gone so long.

Alba held the rifle close to her side, keeping her hand near the trigger. She walked along the side of the nearby building. She was back in the civilization part of the island, and she needed to be ready for anything. The horror of the island was real, and she could end up like Bradley if she wasn't careful. She was nearing the entrance, and had to be ready in case there was anyone nearby.
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