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((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued from Be Prepared))

Who’s fault was it?

That was all Bridgette could think as she ran. Who was to blame? Was it Danny, for going off on his own, without any protection? Or was it Bridgette herself, for her her lapse of judgement, letting him make himself vulnerable? She never decided, because she accidentally accepted that it didn’t matter.

Danny was dead the moment he woke up on this island. Bridgette saw it in his eyes when they first met, and she always knew in the back of her mind that he wouldn’t last long.

But Bridgette hadn’t realized how close his end was.

She had to take it in stride, and accept that there was nothing she could’ve done. Nobody could blame her for running, valuing self-preservation over saving a hopeless cause. All that mattered was that Bridgette survived, and that she was still breathing and alive.

The rest of her day was spent trying to get as far away from the dormitories as possible. After her frenzied run, she hiked down the coast, following the shoreline towards the bottom of the island’s horseshoe shape. At one point, Bridgette took a brief break to dump Danny’s bag. She transferred his rations, first aid kit, and flashlight batteries to her own daypack before tossing the rest of his stuff into the water. When the sun went down she camped out in the trees, laying in the bushes until the announcements came.

After only two days, she’d grown fond of Danya’s voice. Listening to him drone on about the dead and the killers and danger zones had become a grim comfort. She was lucky to just be there to listen to it, a sign that she was slowly reaching her goals. Bridgette had lasted long enough to listen, and she prayed she’d be able to listen to them tomorrow.

The announcement confirmed that Danny had been killed by Isabel, the most notorious person on the island besides Kimiko Kao. thinking about how close she’d been to death sent a shiver down Bridgette’s spine, but she had to tell herself she’d made it out alive. All she had to worry about was not running into her a second time. Bridgette also made note of the new killers, and added their names to her list: Oskar, Brendan, Jae. She’d been right about that last one. Another friend she couldn’t trust, another one she had to outlast.

Nothing was sacred anymore, was it?

Bridgette kept moving once the announcements was over. After a little while she approached another warehouse complex, looking much bigger than the one she’d found Danny in. Her eyes lit up when she saw the building, seeing it as a possible trove of supplies. On the way, however, she spotted two figures standing on the dock, one clearly armed. She froze about fifty feet away from them, gripping the broken bottle in her hand. While they were in a more vulnerable spot than she was, she couldn’t risk being spotted if they were hostile. Bridgette couldn’t identify either person, but it was for the best to think of them as enemies.

Better safe than sorry.

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