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There was no time to wallow in uncertainty as Alvaro entered the scene. Blocked from Nate’s line of sight by his two companions, he could only freeze on the spot as Matt warned them of the new arrival’s gun.

He felt his breathing growing rapid again, just as it had when he’d realised there was a bomb around his neck, as he pictured the unseen assailant holding their huge gun and ready to end all of their lives.

He looked through the corner of his eye at the doorway behind him, too scared to actually turn. He could run, he should’ve run, but his limbs weren’t listening. What about Ben and Matt? They didn’t have a clear exit like him, so should he abandon them in the hopes that they somehow got to safety? Should he stay together and die with them?

There was too much to think about in that brief moment, as his thoughts collided in an immobile traffic jam. Thankfully, Ben brought him to his senses when he said the name Alvaro.

Mobility returning, he pushed past Ben to get a clear view, confirming what he’d heard. There Alvaro was, his buddy and captain from the soccer team; there he was, definitely pointing that pistol at them. Between the weapon, the stench of death in the air, and the grim demeanour that could only have come from whatever Alvaro had been through in the past two days, he was barely recognisable.

“Alvaro, it’s me!” he called out, stepping a step closer, his face a strange mix of happy relief and growing terror. He was glad to meet someone familiar again, but familiarity was lost on someone who could end your life with the twinge of a finger.

“It’s ok, you can put the gun down!”
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