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The boys sentence was disjointed and broken, Trav's eyebrow went up. He wanted to work with someone, emphasis on the one. He wasn't sure what the kid was suggesting but it sounded strange and honestly like he just wanted to work with someone to kill.

Trav shook his head. He was sticking with Cass, no questions about that one. He wouldn't stop Irene, he guessed that was her name, if she wanted to go with the mystery man but he wasn't going anywhere. He guessed if Cass wanted to go with him Trav would follow, But he didn't think she would.

If he was being honest Trav knew that they had been very lucky in how little of the ugliness of the game the two them had encountered. It was why moving off the roof had been such a risk, it felt like whatever had been separating the two worlds; theirs and the games had been broken as they had descended the stairs. Now they had to face the facts of not knowing what way any given interaction would go. If he said or did the wrong thing would the shotgun end up being used?

It was hard to say. He had no insight into how others were feeling or what their mental state may have been at any given moment.

"I'm alright." He said. "Got someone I'm looking for."
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