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Caleb didn't say anything more about the nodachi. The whole conversation was peaks and valleys, every time they seemed to be getting comfortable something else would pop up and ruin everything. Then it went back to square one of them falling into a silence that Caleb was forced to break. She hated that she was putting the pressure on him to keep the conversation moving but she couldn't help it. The physically and mentally she struggled whenever she was reminded of what she'd done.

She raised her hands to start to tell him how much what he was doing meant to her but he was moving a chair so she just let them fall down by her sides. When he turned around again he was already talking and the moment slowly drifted away, joining the dust floating through the room.

He made her smile again though. That was enough.

As soon as he mentioned sleep a wave of fatigue washed over her as if brought on by his words. She didn't treat it as a potential danger though. The door was barred and Caleb was with her. She was safe. Eventually she felt the overwhelming need to rest. There was a bedroom on the ground floor so Kimiko moved herself into it, dropping her pack and resting the nodachi next to the bed. Lying down on the soft bed she realised how badly her back hurt, she thought she may have jarred something in her back.

It didn't matter though, for one night at least she had friendly company and a bed. For at least one night she could have peace.
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