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((Brendan Harte continued from Devil's Choir))

Brendan rubbed at his eye with his free hand. He couldn't believe how close he was to the radio tower. He didn't want to go there yet. He was sure that no one would be stupid enough to actually go into the danger zone and try to get the prize before they hope that their collar would not explode. He thought that he should search around the area more.

Maybe he would find Jonathan and Darius. Didn't they plan on going to the radio tower? Maybe they were still close by. He hoped that they were. Even if he didn't really want to see Darius, he wanted to make sure that Jonathan was alright. He should have stayed with him. Then he wouldn't have murdered Jeremiah....

"You could have killed someone else anyway...." He muttered to himself softly. "....I...."

What was he supposed to do now?

Brendan glanced around and his eyes fell onto a familiar person. His heart tightened, his chest was tense, his breathing was hollow. He blinked a few times to make sure that he wasn't imagining things. The person that he had been looking for was right there. Not that far away from him.

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