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Brendan had heard what Jae said. Being a winner? Brendan wanted to laugh at how pitiful the question sounded to him. But he didn't. He didn't want to look like he was losing his head. Even if he was feeling like he was about to have a breakdown. He really didn't feel like a winner. He felt sick. He felt wrong. He felt guilty. He felt like a complete loser.

Asha was saying something to him. A lot of words that he was sure was her way of making him feel better. It wasn't helping his mood at all. But he appreciated that she was trying. At least she wasn't making him feel worse like Jae did with his question. He knew that many others would die. But he just didn't like the fact that someone else's blood was on his hands. It was something that will stick with him for how much longer he was going to live. A day? Two days? Three days? He didn't have a clue.

Brendan then realized that Dorothy was speaking as well while he had remain quiet as he listened to Asha. He turned his attention to what she was doing. She was moving towards him with her arms open. She was looking for a hug. From him...? He would talk about everything with her if he wanted to. But.... he didn't feel ready for a talk and a hug with her. He needed to....

Find Jonathan....

He had to find him. And that was what he was going to do. Talk to him and hopefully bring him back here. Five people would make things more secure to Brendan. More safe. Even tho he and Jae were both killers. He couldn't stay there. He needed to go and find Jonathan. He needed to go to the radio tower as well. He couldn't let anyone else get the prize.

"Actually, I think you should save that hug, Dorothy."

He took a few steps back to where the stick was and he picked it up. He couldn't leave without it. He needed it to fight off anyone who will threaten to hurt him. He might run into Michael again. He needed to be careful. He gave Dorothy a small smile.

"I have to go. There is someone that I have to find out there. I can't just hide here and mope around. Because that will do nothing to help anyone. And I need to explain things to him. Maybe-Maybe I can convince him to come back here with me. Just as long as you guys are still here when I get back...." He said as he moved pass Dorothy but he gave her shoulder a gentle pat. "Please stay alive.... All of you...."

And then he was gone.

((Brendan Harte continued This time I might just disappear.))
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