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Dorothy didn't agree with what Asha said, but she still nodded to agree with her. They were not going to die. Maybe some of them, but not all. There was someone that would make it out, and maybe a couple of others if they figured a way out.

Maybe Asha was just generalizing, but Dorothy didn't like it but she kept acting, mimicking Asha's attitude.

Some points were right, she had to give her that. They weren't mutants with superpowers or something, they were barely adults for some, and some were still kids. A little part of her looked over the edge between life and death, and she saw herself looking back.

Good, nothing to fear then.

Dot looked to Jae as she slowly let her bag fall to the floor and showing her hands. She smiled politely, and pointed Brendan with her chin. She spun her head toward him and her smile grew wider.

"No problemo, okay? You can talk to me about it if you want, but I really don't mind as long you're okay."

Dot didn't know if she lied, she knew she wasn't being honest though. Maybe she was sugarcoating it to comfort herself at the idea of touching a killer, but it did well as she took a couple of steps toward him while opening her arms.

"Seriously, don't worry about it."
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