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It was just like yesterday. The weather, that is.

Ben stood outside the door of the building he had slept in, looking up at the sky. The clouds moved slowly across the blue, and the wind came and went, ruffling his hair as it did. He thought about what he would give for a kite at that moment. To just... go. To lose himself in the movement, watching it dipping and diving. To make it dance through the air at his slightest whim.

But he couldn't. He had no kite, he was stuck on this goddamned island, and Lili was gone.

She wasn't anywhere to be seen. She wasn't in her room, she wasn't in the corridor and she wasn't outside. Her stuff was gone and unless she was in one of the rooms, she had disappeared.

At first, when Ben couldn't find her, he had simply been confused. That confusion had swiftly been joined by worry when he saw that she was truely nowhere to be found. He thought about the possibilites: Maybe she needed to go to the bathroom. Why hadn't she warned him or Maxim, then? Maybe the anouncement had upset her. But why wouldn't she have gone to him or Maxim, then? She hadn't done anything Mr. Danya felt he needed to mention. The more and more he thought, the less he thought that there existed a good reason for leaving. Had she been kidnapped then? It almost sounded cartoonish, as if someone had snuck up, stuck her in a bag and left with her over their shoulder. He rather thought that he'd have heard something if that happened. Or Maxim would have, at least.

Ben rejected the idea she might have been killed out of hand. "No, she can't have been.", he assured himself internally. Murders weren't silent. There was shouting, and fighting, or at least screaming. Even if someone had managed to sneak up and kill her before she could scream, there would be traces. Blood? Right? And there was no blood. He looked back at the coridor to check. Yeah. No blood.

Which meant she had left of her own accord. Damn. Damn damn "Damn damn DAMN!".

"Are you quite finished?" remarked a voice from inside him.

"Right.", he said. "Darn."

He should go and tell Maxim, he thought. He hadn't seen him yet, either, he realized, and that thought made him pause all of a sudden. Maxim was still here, right? Good God, if he was gone too...

Just barely shy of running he rushed over to Maxim's room, and called out: "Maxim! Hey, Maxim, are you still there?" If he was gone, but no he couldn't be... Not him, not now! Not after yesterday! He reached the room and quickly grabbed for the door handle.
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