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Jeremy’s head turned away, slightly. Towards the door.

Alex was right.

He knew everybody up there, to some extent. Even if he wasn’t friends with them, even if they hadn’t been people he’d met on this island, that didn’t mean they were people totally alien to him. They were faces. Ones he saw on the grounds. Ones he saw answering questions or making jokes in class. Ones he occasionally worked with for the sake of both their grades. One or two he would call friends, for better or worse. Maybe they weren’t the most important people in the world. Maybe one or two of them were capable of annoying him, from time to time. But they were still people. They were still faces.

And everybody up there was a face that he’d never see again.

...He just had to work harder. Find the ones who especially mattered. He had a list, and he was going to work it down until the day he died. One item at a time. Maybe not in the exact order, but eh.

He’d take what he could get.

And Alex was finally making a little bit of sense now. He smiled, slightly. Best to return the favour.

“Yeah. They did.”

He looked down, again. At the floor. Then up. At Alex. In his eyes. Then away, again.

It felt a little bit odd, saying this.

“The best we can do is make sure the others get better. Give the people we care about our respects.”

He paused. Looked down. Breathed out through his nose.

“At least before anything happens to them.”
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