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Matt could philosophize about whether or not any of this bloodshed was necessary all day long if he had to, but he preferred not to do it in a dank basement that smelled of Sandy's rotting corpse and reminded him of his own dwindling lifespan. Nate's proposal to talk down serial murderers having been quietly shot down, Matt felt somewhat relieved. No objections to self-defense, he guessed. He let out a short, quiet sigh - barely audible. Maybe they were going to make it. Maybe they


It's him.

And he has a gun.

That's good.

Great. The best thing he's seen all day, really, not counting the mutilated, decaying corpse in a dark, waterlogged basement that was presumably about to become his grave. He woke up this morning, smiled and said "I hope my life is threatened today. I really hope someone points a gun at me in a dark fucking basement." Except he didn't. He didn't hope for any of that. In fact, he had hoped for the opposite, believe it or not. This was, objectively speaking, a turn for the worse.

Slowly, he half-raised his arms towards the ceiling, not wanting to get shot for making any quick movements. He smiled - so fake it could turn your stomach outside of any other situation - and spoke up.

"He has a gun," he said, through gritted teeth. Just loud enough for the other two to hear. Ever since he was dumped onto this rock, he had feared this. Going face to face with someone who had a gun. Going face to face with someone who had the drop on him. He thought that just maybe, he could avoid it. Of course, deep down, he knew that it was going to happen sooner or later.. everyone but him probably had luck on their side when it came to getting a weapon. He got a flimsy metal pole. This evolutionary throwback who he thought probably fantasized about killing in a guilt free environment got a gun, pointed at him.

In the back of his mind, he hoped that the gunman would shoot one of the others. The thought escaping to the front of his mind, he wondered if they would call him selfish if they knew. He didn't care.
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