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Aiden looked surprised at her. He seemed not to realize what she was talking about at first, till he looked down at himself, as if the blood wasn't there at first. His response was almost casual, but then he stopped mid sentence and started stammering. It was the sudden awkwardness, the pause and the look at Mel that told her all she needed to know. Mel's answer was just the clincher, something bad had happened and her question had stirred up memories in him.

"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have..." She looked away, she couldn't look at him. A mixture of blood and regret made it difficult, she looked down at the ground for a bit before looking at the tower, the centerpiece of this area. Just yesterday there were people here ringing the bell, could that boy have been drawn here by it? They can't have been the first ones here, if his response to them outside was to run away.

As Serena was thinking over this, she heard Mel talking about Aiden having to change clothes. She looked over at the two to see Mel taking of her jacket to give to him, she looked away again, face a bit red and said out loud. "Th-that would be good, so uh..people wouldn't assume..." Her words trailed off at the end, she wondered herself why she walked up when he was looking like that, maybe she was too trusting? Either way, it was better than being stuck in a room with someone holding a gun outside.

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