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And just like that, everything got way heavier.

Rene liked to think that she was pretty decent at reading people. Nothing near Sherlock Holmes standards, but enough to have a pretty good idea of what someone's like after hanging out with them for a while. But when Blair said that she had cystic fibrosis, Rene was completely caught off guard. Sure, Blair had been sick that day, but Rene had just thought that she was coming down with something thanks to the poor hygienic conditions of the island. She never would've guessed that Blair's own body had been slowly killing her.

Blair was laughing, but Rene didn't join in. She couldn't make this shit funny, not by a long shot. She was willing to go to some pretty dark places for the sake of a joke, but she had her limits. She sat down next to the skater and shook her head, trying to fully process what she was learning. "Shit..." was the first thought that made its way out of her mouth, shock overwhelming her ability to form a full sentence in response. She took a few moments to mentally compose herself before speaking again, hoping that whatever she said next wouldn't piss off Blair.

"Shit, I don't even know what to say." Her tone showed surprise and concern more than anything. She had never been good at handling difficult topics, and this was no exception.
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