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A second person. Enz...

and the two talked. Like friends. Like close friends. As if Enza was.


Had Al ever had someone he talked that way? Ice cream husband. Cute term. But no. He did not. He had wasted so much time in school. He had never had a friend so close like that. He had no Enzo for Cameron. He had no Cameron for V.

Al was trying to not let himself be consumed by a tunnel vison, so he stopped. Thinking. Emotionally.

But, he extremely regretted not being friends with more people. Not being closer friends to the friends he had. Regretting isolating himself. Wasting chances. He would die and no one would care.

Rational. These self-depricating thoughts were not rational. But what was now? He could just kill someone. Kill himself.

And there was nothing wrong about that. Because of the circumstances they were in. There were these two options. And other options that lead to these two options. Nancy, Isabel, Alvaro, Abby. They did it, too.

And he? These days he was there? A whiny boy, doing nothing but waiting to die, to be killed by someone. People like him were the reason why everybody on the island suffered. Extending the span the survivor (whoever that person will be) has to be tortured on this island by spending more and more time here. People like him, cowardly running away. Wasting valuable time. Letting the game last for weeks. Months?

How long?

Al wanted to cry. He could not image staying on the island for so long. That anybody wanted that to happen.

He raised the pickaxe and went forward. Steps. He tried to not make them loud. Still, he could not hold his breath and therefore breathed louder the more near he came to Cameron. He wanted to be able to strike it. So he aimed to strike the torso.

Someone is going to regret breaking his...heart? Soul? Conscience? Personality? Innocence?

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