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(ENTER: ALEX TARQUIN from This World Belongs to the Mad)

Alex was laying out cans and strings. He was aware that this was some Macaulay Culkin Home Alone shit, but it was the best idea he had. Some kind of alarm system so that he would always know when anyone had entered his stage.

He was memorizing that stage, too. The asylum was big and strange, with so many rooms. If he could master this place, he could surprise any foe. He thought of it as blocking: learning everywhere he had to move. It was easier than thinking about Rea's blood. About Crowe's. About what had happened to Connor.

He had to keep moving. He had to keep preparing. If he hesitated, even for a moment, he might be killed or caught off-guard. He might lose his life. He might lose the narrative he'd worked so hard to build. The narrative he'd already killed for.

He and Jeremy took turns keeping watch. Trust was not a problem, not now, not after the other man had protected him with a gun. Did he really buy the story Alex had spun for him? Or was he just looking for a friend? If he was, was that a problem? Could Alex trust any man he convinced to join his cause?

Questions, questions, spinning endlessly. He shivered in the dark, his stomach aching, his arms and hands feeling weak.

But they were both awake when the announcements played. When he heard the names again. Three leapt out at him: Sabrina, killed by Nancy. And Isabel again.

Alex nodded. "All of them, a little," he said. "It wasn't a big school. But...but I really knew Jasmine, Jane, and Danny. And Sabrina..." He closed his eyes. "I ran into her earlier. Before Rea."

He was tired. He was letting his guard down. This wasn't part of his character. This wasn't Alexander David Tarquin. This was Alex, exhausted and filled with doubt and self-recrimination. He didn't know what the fuck he was doing. He should be trying to cast this in a new light. He should...he...

He closed his eyes, and for a long few seconds didn't know what he was going to say.

"This is what happens," Alex said. "When you play without honor. When you play by their rules. They deserved better."
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