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Well now he felt like a damn idiot. Apparently he needed to search every room he entered to make sure no one was lurking around. If Nancy or Isabel had been the one hiding in the room it could have been way worse for all of them.

He had heard the term playing in reference to SOTF before, but he had to wonder where it came from. If he survived this he'd have to look it up.

"Jesus, shit, you scared me," Keith responded as he turned around to face the room.

Alice and Sandra had done a decent job of describing their goals prior to his comments. They both appeared to have decided to ignore them. Even though Lizzie's appearance demanded some attention that annoyed him. He had legitimate criticisms of their plan, especially since escaping the island should have been their top priority. He kept wandering away from that plan and needed to better focus on it.

Too bad he had no idea how it could be done.

"Haven't seen him. Sorry," he added. Keith thought it best to be straightforward about things. She hadn't asked if they'd seen Ty, but she probably wanted to know. Even if he didn't care really, it's not like he knew Tyler well at all.
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