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Previously, on Survival of the Fittest:

Alex and Jeremy left the cell where Conrad was. They had walked around, for a bit. Trying to find the right place. Trying to avoid confrontation. Alex didn’t want a fight, and Jeremy didn’t want Alex to attempt to kill anyone, so it was a pretty quick agreement. Even then, it wasn’t like they were trying that hard. They kept a lookout for any people or noises, but most of the halls were empty. It was probably everyone else being smart, but Jeremy wasn’t going to complain about that. It meant that Alex didn’t see any of their classmates. It meant that there wouldn’t be a confrontation. It meant that Jeremy didn’t have to question what he was doing whenever somebody else did something. Maybe it wasn’t the best outcome, maybe he didn’t make the right choice, but it worked out, for the most part.

They had found this room after a bit of time spent searching. How long exactly Jeremy didn’t know (again, no watch; kinda hard to tell time without one), but it wasn’t instant. Maybe a couple of hours, if he had to guess. They took a look inside, saw that it was empty, saw that the room worked, and sat down inside. Dropped their stuff. Explored, for a bit. There were notepads and pens in the shelves. There was money on the floor. Jeremy had taken both of those. They could come in handy later. Alex suggested a system involving cans and strings. Jeremy wasn’t sure how it worked, but he was like sure, whatever, and Alex got to work on that. Apparently they were in a secluded place so they’d know if someone was coming. It was a pretty neat system, Jeremy had to compliment him there.

Then the tiredness came to both their eyes. They elected to sleep in shifts. One person sleep, one person keep guard for as long as they thought an hour was. That was Jeremy’s suggestion, and they went with it. Nothing else really happened during the night.

Well, no, actually, that was a lie. There was one thing, during one of Jeremy’s guard shifts. He sorta got bored. Figured that reflecting on things, figuring out how his future was going to be was important. There was a list, in his head. Three items. They were okay, but one of the items needed expanding. So, with the notepad and pen that he had…

1. Have fun, above all else.
2. Get to Emma. As soon as possible.
3. Find Serena. Make sure she's safe.
4. Figure out what the fuck to do with Alex.
5. Find Al. Say hi.
6. Find Clarice. Apologise for earlier.
7. Figure out who else should be on this list. Retroactively add them.
8. Find Josh's corpse. Give last respects, for what they're worth to him.
9. Find Jasmine. Figure out what happens when you get there.
10. Find Caedyn, get closure in that area, if you can.
11. Pursue hopeless venture of survival, if above conditions have been fulfilled.

It was a little long, there were some things probably not in the right order; but hey, it worked for what it was.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued from This World Belongs to the Mad))

The two had been awake for a while now. Neither could sleep that well. Neither really wanted to stay asleep, given the situation. If Jeremy had to guess, he was probably less worried, but there was still the iffy subject in his head about a known killer and probable psychopath being the one person stopping anyone from stabbing him while they slept. Oh well. At least nobody came during the night. He would have liked to say that it was because of either of the systems that they had created, but no. The night was silent. Nobody moved to this location.

He chuckled, slightly. His classmates were being smart. That was nothing but good for him.

And that was when the crackling of the speakers sounded. That was when both of them went silent. It seemed that now was the time for the announcement.

So he listened. Made sure to remember what was here. Nancy was at 3. Kimiko was at 2. Oskar was new. Fucking Brendan was new. He’d have to look out for them, in the future. Not out of concern for himself, but maybe out of interest.

Then the last two dead were named. Danny bit. Sam bit. Neither were his friends, but he knew both of them. Danny was friendly - one of the first people he had met here - and he had been acquaintances with Sam. Not in the same groups, or anything, but they had talked. About writing, about ideas, that one day where Mrs Webber was super late to class. He knew Danny. He knew Samuel.

And they were two faces that he’d never see again.

The people on the list were even more important, now.

He turned. Saw Alex. Saw his expression.

Maybe it was best that Jeremy knew how he was feeling.

“You know anyone up there?”
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