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Natalie didn't even have to think. She immediately understood the situation that was happening.

At first she didn't consider it. How can anyone kill someone. Especially anyone from her school. That's why she'd ignored the fact that the boy had two bags, or the knife.

She wanted to believe that there was some kind of hope that people weren't insane.


That word lingered in her mind.

The boy, Wayne, said that he found it, but the girl, Clarice, seemed to have thought differently. Natalie seems keen to believe that the boy just found it. If a student really did die, maybe it wasn't this boy that killed them.

"Wait a minute, we're not gonna do anything stupid, are we?" asked Natalie, looking at both Clarice and Wayne.

Truth be told, despite being okay with going on her own, she'd like a partner. But a partner who's a murderer? Not possible. She wanted so badly to believe in the more peaceful explanation.
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