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It looked like Jerry was on the fence about considering it. Indeed, upon Ass-ka turning over the gun and offering it, the look on Jerry's face plainly told his shock, likely showing the girl some of that hesitance she wanted to see. It quickly faded as Jerry realized the situation he had found himself in. She was trying to call his bluff. Even he was smart enough to figure that out.

"You know what?" Jerry said, steeling himself to Nadia's words. "Yeah. I think I actually WILL take her up on the offer." He snatched the gun as he said it, narrowing his eyes. He turned the weapon over in his hands until he carefully adjusted his grip and held it tight. His finger inched closer to the trigger while treating it with all the caution of a spider that might lash out and bite at any sudden motion. He didn't have it pointed at Asuka. Not yet.

"Pretty big fucking gamble you just made," Jerry said with a smug grin, putting a thumb on what he figured must have been the hammer of the pistol. He wasn't really big on pistols. Or guns, now that he thought about it. When was the last time he had fired a gun? Had he ever fired a gun? Food for thought. Right now in the moment, he was a pro, a regular John Wayne or a fuckin' Neo with that gunkata shit. He had a feeling he had Ass-ka here dead to rights, like it would be so easy to put one right between her eyes.

"But SOMEBODY wasn't paying attention," Jerry crowed. "Just because I wanna outlive you doesn't mean I wanna kill you. Thanks for the gun, dumbass!"

Jerry played his final card, which just so happened to be darting out the door after Toby, protectively cradling his new friend.


((Jerry Fury, continued in Ain't nobody got time for this))
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