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Asha wanted to high-five Dot for her part in their wonderful tag-team of peacemaking cheer. Unfortunately the mood still hadn't calmed enough to allow for that; so she settled for shooting her a grin. Everyone's weapons were down, but so were their spirits, understandably. Asha did feel bad about her choice of words; once Brendan spoke to her he'd made it pretty clear that more guilt was the last thing he needed. Poor guy still seemed to think that anyone who was judging him mattered.

Jae wasn't helping, either, and Asha had glanced back at him and frowned as he pushed the blood-soaked knife deeper into Brendan's skin; irritably tapping a finger on her crossed arms. Unfortunate, but not a surprise. Even under normal circumstances, Jae could be... difficult to deal with. Even if he'd been better recently, well, she doubted that SOTF ever brought people's best natures to the forefront. Now wasn't the time to bat him on the nose with Danya's pamphlet, anyway, not in front of everyone. He'd clearly been through hell; and while she wished he'd be a bit more cooperative she was sure there'd be time to help him later.

In the end, what it came down to was that Jae seemed fine...ish, and Brendan looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown. Much as Asha hated to prioritize, it was pretty obvious what she had to do. She ignored Jae's remark and turned back to Brendan, hoping to distract him before he could fully digest the insult.

"Listen to me for a sec, Brendan. You aren't the reason Jerry didn't get out alive, alright? He was gonna die, no matter what happened, same as the rest of us." Asha would have preferred to cushion her point a little more, but she wasn't sure how long he was gonna stick around, and she needed to make sure he understood that he hadn't done anything wrong.

"You said he was trying to kill a girl? You don't need me to tell you that's fucked up. Like, all you can do in that situation is try and do whatever hurts people the least. The best case scenario obviously would've been everyone getting out alive, but come on, we're fucking teenagers, not superheroes. You didn't kill him just to listen to him scream or some shit like that, yeah? The girl got out alive, you were trying to do the right thing. It could have turned out better, it didn't, oh well." She paused for a second, then smiled. "Look on the bright side. You saved him from being a murderer! I'm sure he wouldn't have been any happier about it."

"In the end, we've all got, what, a week tops of living? Do you really wanna spend it feeling shitty because of something that's not gonna matter in the end? It's just pointless."
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