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Mel rubbed her temples.

"It's not a happy story. Trust me."

She'd been more than tempted to cover with thoughtless sarcasm again, say something like "Course it's not his blood, can't you see he was in the middle of murdering me?" - but really, Aiden didn't deserve that. Once upon a time they had enjoyed an easy camaraderie, punctuated by verbal jabs and playful teasing. Now it was shadowed by the feeling of certain doom, and every word seemed that much more serious, that much more likely to be twisted and taken differently than it was meant. Tessa and Vinny again.

It felt good to deny the hold that the terrorists had on her, to deny the situation they had thrust on her, but not at the cost of hurting others. Serena had the right idea - asking if Aiden was hurt before anything else, even if she had suspected him.

"Hey," Mel said, letting the moment run away with her again, to a better place this time, "that's a good point, though. We can't just let you run around like that."

Her arm was already halfway out of her jacket sleeve.

"Maybe you can squeeze into my jacket. Just zip it up. You got a change of clothes?"
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