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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Sure enough, Asuka wasn't going to trade the gun for a chair leg. That was something Nadia was certain of. What she didn't expect was Asuka to go on some long tirade about her impending death and how dickish Nadia and Jerry were. Nadia raised an eyebrow and lowered the chair leg, surprised that Asuka had such beef with her. As far as Nadia saw it, she had been fairly reasonable with Asuka. The girl had issues with the gun, and so Nadia was willing to trade for her sake. Asuka had given her a spiel about how she was too unprepared for this world, so Nadia was fair to assume Asuka didn't want to have such an obvious sign of the madness of the game in her hands.

Yes, they were all likely to die soon, but Asuka wasn't more likely to die than any of them, nor did she deserve any special treatment for that. Acting like Jerry and Nadia were one-dimensional bully stereotypes wasn't going to help her out. It was starting to become clear that Asuka wasn't likely to be any use to them, gun or not. The girl was cracking, and lashing out at people for supposed moral crimes wasn't earning her any more points.

Of course, Jerry was only there to exacerbate things. Now Nadia was starting to wish she hadn't left the cabin with Jerry. Aside from the lousy insult of "bitch-tits," Jerry was only confirming the impression Asuka had of him. Nadia slowly shook her head, realizing how poisonous staying with Jerry was. Toby seemed fine, at least, and maybe it'd be worth going with her to find her friend, but Jerry was becoming almost too much.

Now he wanted her to come with him and Toby. Nadia was prepared to leave, if only to at least get to a more stable location after maybe "getting lost" from Jerry, but Asuka had to take things to the extreme. Now she was handing a gun over to Jerry asking her to gun her down. Nadia widened her eyes and let out a quick curse under her breath.

"Whoa, okay, let's calm down," Nadia said. "This is really over-the-top and not at all how we should be acting right now. Asuka, let's not fold so brutally. Jerry, please tell me you're not actually going to take up her offer."
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