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Michael screamed and Jeremy fell back and his foot touched the ground and his body went back against the wall again. The gun dropped. He had done that. He had allowed that to happen. This was just like Clarice where he did nothing but let the situation get out of control and someone he knew had just paid for his inaction. Wait, no, not inaction. His action. His assistance. He had helped Alex. He had allowed it to happen. He made the wrong choice and now he had helped a killer and let someone he knew get injured and scream in pain. Just like Clarice. Worse than Clarice. He could have helped. He could have done anything other than what he did but he didn’t and now there was blood on the floor and a person screaming and he didn’t know what to do and he was scared and he just needed to not think about this go away for a bit and-

He shook his head. No. He couldn’t do that. It was here. It was now. He couldn’t just bar himself away from his thoughts again. He had to own up. Apologize. He messed up, and he was sorry, and-

But Michael was gone. It was just him and Alex. Just like how it was before. The obvious thing to do was screaming through his head. The right thing to do was doing the same thing.

But just like before, there was another voice. Whispering to him. Through his ear. Little red guy, on his shoulder.

You’ve made your choice, Jeremy.

You’ve acted on it.

You can’t go back on it now.

Besides, you have a list you need to fulfill.

The gun went up off the ground. Back into his pocket. Jeremy looked around. Corpse to his left. Entrance to his right.

“We probably shouldn’t stay here. More people will come. We need to like, fortify someplace better, or something.”

There was a choice, and he had made his decision regarding it.

For better or worse.

He looked Alex in the eyes.

“There’s a weapon stuck in Conrad, might be worth it if one of us tried to get it out of him.”

He looked away. From Alex. From the corpse of the person he once knew.

“I’ll keep watch.”

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.))
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