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Took him a sec to see what Rena was getting at. More than a sec, really. He was all ready to ask her about it, until he noticed what her eyes were lookin' at.

Aiden lowered his own gaze, looked himself down and was promptly reminded of the state he was in. Hadn't changed his shirt since - fuck. This had to look bad, like he was some sort of slasher freak or some shit like that. Hell, if he'd have spotted a dude lookin' like that, he'd have stayed absolutely fuckin' clear of him, no doubt about it. Rena really had to have some balls or - something.

He looked back at the girl that was now not too far in front of him. "Nah, I'm fine, I'm all fine." He casually tugged at the fabric of his shirt. "This ain't mine here, it's..." Her name popped up in his head again and he immediately stopped tugging.
Fuckin' shit, what was his deal, being all casual like that? Tryin' to keep a clear head, not think about it too much, sure, but this was just makin' him feel all fucked up. 'Fine.' Yeah, like hell he was. Would have felt better if it was his own fuckin' blood, probably. Would have hurt less too. Maybe.

He awkwardly ruffled his hair, his mouth hanging open and producing quiet stammering sounds as he was looking for something to follow that up with, some sort of transition, something to break the obnoxious fuckin' silence with. He slightly turned his head, glancing at Mel like he was asking her to cover his ass. Which he was, really.
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