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He had to force himself to continue to listen. The overwhelming sensation hadn't left his mind, of course, it was all too reasonable for him to be distracted. Maybe he even wanted to be distracted. But even now, even as fate or life or whatever goddamn higher force was responsible for this mess had decided to deliver yet another kick to his gut, he knew he couldn't afford to get sloppy. He had to know who to look out for; know which of his so called peers had succumbed to temptation and thus proven themselves to be an enemy. So he listened.

Not all of the names meant something to him, of course. He had talked to some, heard of some and for some, he didn't even have a face to associate with their name. Though he had to commend Ben here, it seemed, for deciding to stay clear of that Kimiko girl. Strange how they had talked about her just yesterday and she of all people had turned out to become Cristo's killer. He supposed there was some sort of irony in that. Not that it was in any way amusing to him.

Either way, that was it, the man had ceased to talk. He was left with silence once more. Weirdly enough, Maxim kind of found himself wishing for that speech to continue. It gave him something to focus on, at least, a distraction. He had plenty of things to think about now, of course. In fact, he felt that there were so many thoughts coursing through his head that the latter was starting to ache. Great, just what he needed now.

Maxim cupped his chin with one hand but remained unmoving apart from that. Cristo was gone. That thought in particular was throbbing in his temple, like a large unsightly vein. He couldn't remember if he had ever thought of the possibility of his friend dying before. Maybe just in passing, casual enough to be filtered out from his memory. Well, it was reality now.

And yet, he couldn't help but feel that despite his own expectations, Maxim didn't feel sad as much as he just felt - odd.
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